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Jennifer Saunders - Biography

Jennifer Saunders
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Personal details

Name: Jennifer Saunders
Born: 6/07/1958 (Age: 56)
From: Sleaford, UK
Famous for: She is, quite literally ? amazing.
Relationship status: Married

All about this star

In a nutshell

Jennifer Saunders (you might know her as Edina in Ab Fab, people) is an absolute comedy legend. She wouldn't just win the 'best comedy writer and performer ever' at our TV awards. No, no. We're thinking she should win the MOST AMAZING COMEDY-TYPE EVER (EVEN IF SHE IS QUITE POSH) AWARD. If one existed.

Jennifer was brought up in a middle-class family with her mother working as a biology teacher and her father serving in the RAF (and, spookily enough, this was also the same as Dawn French, who ended up as Jen's comedy partner ? more on that later).

Jennifer and Dawn shared a flat together while at college and, even though it sounds like they didn't like each other much to begin with, ended up writing and performing comedy. One of the best loved shows starring both Jennifer and Dawn is their self-titled French & Saunders which started in 1987.

If you think about modern comedy over the last decade then you could be sure that Jennifer has had some involvement with it. The show she wrote herself, Absolutely Fabulous, was a massive hit and even spawned its own pop single (from the Pet Shop Boys), and Jennifer starred in a few episodes of Friends back in the 90s. In a nutshell, Ross was going to marry a very stereotypical English girl and our Jen played the wacky, wine-drinking mother. And very well too, might we say.

We didn't realise until we saw him singing on 'Comic Relief Does Fame Academy' but Adrian Edmondson (star of Bottom) is married to Jen. After getting hitched in 1985, the pair went on have three daughters with absolutely fabulous names (do you SEE what we did there?); Ella, Beattie and Freya. And what a great family they make.

Did you know?

Jennifer (along with Dawn) declined the offer of an OBE in 2001.

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