Why choose TalkTalk Full Fibre broadband?

TalkTalk’s Full Fibre broadband comes with the award-winning Amazon eero router, powered by Wi-Fi 6 technology, plus a whole host of added benefits at no extra cost.

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The router with reach

The eero network can expand to adapt to your needs. Need extra coverage? Just add an extra eero with our Total Home Wi-Fi complete with TrueMesh technology.

Free parental safety features

Create profiles for individual devices to schedule internet downtime and keep the whole family safe online using the eero app.

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Online security

Get set up in a flash with the eero app and enjoy a range of advanced security features, included with Amazon eero Secure.

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Internet Backup

Amazon eero Internet Backup is included and allows you to set up a nearby mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi network as a backup if your connection unexpectedly goes down.

Check if full fibre is in your area here

*Total Home Wi-Fi is subject to availability

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