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Unusual places to get married

Unusual places to get married
If you're looking for the ultimate wedding destination or for somewhere unusual to get married, you'll like our ideas below.

UK Parliament

Westminster council has granted approval for civil partnership ceremonies and marriages to be held in the Palace of Westminster for the first time. Until now only MPs, peers, certain parliamentary officials and their families were allowed to get married in Parliament. In a bid to modernise Parliament, members of the public, gay and straight, will be able to book their weddings on Parliament’s website. If too many people apply, officials are likely to run a ballot to select the lucky couples. Two rooms have been approved as the venues for the civil ceremonies: the Jubilee Room and the MP's dining hall.


The ABSOLUT ICEBAR has become the first venue in the heart of London to allow marriages in temperatures of minus 5 degrees. Imagine the day. You start with the ceremony being held in the ethereal surroundings of the ABSOLUT ICEBAR, sweeping down an aisle constructed of the purest ice harvested from the Torne River in Sweden. Then, once everyone has said 'I do' (hopefully!) you retire to the warm and intimate atmosphere of the Below Zero restaurant, with its award-winning chef.

Standing on a plane

After winning a competition for three people to 'wing walk', a couple from Wales decided that it would be the perfect place to get married. The bride and groom each had their very own plane, along with the vicar who stood strapped to the utterly butterly aeroplanes flying just ahead. The vicar then read out the vowes and the happy pair responded through a microphone, as they could not hear each other otherwise, because of the loud noise of the wind and the engine.

Golf course

Many golf fans who love the outdoors have decided to elope in London's main golf course in Burntwood lane, as they feel it has a nice atmosphere, and is great to get married doing the sport they love and in their favourite location. It is also popular as they guarantee that you will be the only wedding that day, making it very personal to the couples.

Disney World wedding

Many hundreds of people have been recorded to have their wedding at Disney World in Florida in the famous Wedding pavilion. It has been known for the bride, groom, bridesmaids and often the guests to dress up as Walt Disney characters and then go on rides afterwards instead of the reception. It has been known for married couples to then have their honeymoon in one of the luxury hotels.
Although prices start at $10,000 just for the venue, people have commented on what a fun wedding they had and that they would recommend it to any theme park fans.

Sheffield Wednesday football club

popular wedding venue for football fans is Sheffield Wednesday football ground. . It has been known for the bride and groom and guests to all attend in the clubs home kit and to play football songs instead of wedding songs. The wedding is held outside on the pitch whilst the guests are seated in the stadium's seats. Many other football teams also provide a wedding service so diehard fans should ask their team.

Chester Zoo

nimal lovers have even married in Chester Zoo in Upton-by-Chester in Cheshire. It is weirdly quite a common place to get married and many people have said that they have enjoyed their big day being surrounded by the wild animals. Many people choose to have the actual ceremony in Oakfield house as it has views of all the animals; this is then following with a trip to the zoo afterwards as a type of reception.

Race course

It has been known for horse racing fans to have their civil ceremony at popular race courses. The most popular race course known for being a good wedding venue is Bath racecourse in Avon because of the spectacular backdrop and the good buffet menu. Many people have had their wedding there with many guests, and have said that it has been very successful and that they enjoyed being outdoors in a place that they love.


A very popular place to have a wedding is in fact in a barn. There are hundreds of different barns to choose from in the UK to get hitched, and many of which have regular weddings in them. Many couples have had their wedding in Old Luxters barn in Oxfordshire as these types of old barns can hold up to 150 people and include buffet food. People have said to enjoy getting married in barns as you get a real feel for the country life and it is in a very private location.

Black smiths shop in Gretna Green

One very unusual place to get married is in a Blacksmiths courtyard or even inside the shop, in Gretna Green. It is a very popular venue as there are nice countryside views and is in a lovely location. People have commented that it is a very historic and romantic place to get married and they would recommend it.

Natural History Museum

This famous successful museum in London now offers wedding services to people everywhere.
Couples have been known to have their wedding in the central hall amongst all the historic artefacts and the beautiful architecture. . It is becoming quite a popular place to get married because of the media and the fact that it is in a famous artefact of England.

Kew Gardens

This world heritage site in Richmond is now offering its beautiful gardens to be waltzed around by new bride and grooms. Many people have had their wedding there, as the actual wedding is held in the Cambridge cottage, which is licensed for civil ceremonies. All weddings there have been a success, as the candidates of the marriages have said what a lovely backdrop it is for their wedding and how it added magical atmosphere. The reception is normally held at the Temperate house, where you can dance amongst the splendid scenery all night long.

Arts club

The an very unusual yet popular for couples to tie the knot is in the arts club in Dover Street, London. The art club has a luxurious hall and can contain up to 160 in its magnificent three floors. It has a license for conducting civil ceremonies and will cater for all the expected guests. This is a nice place to get married and even better for those who want a private wedding in the heart of London.

Tower Bridge

Weddings are held in the intimate Bride master's dining room with on looking views on the magnificent river Thames and other historical buildings such as the tower of London. It is an excellent place for very private weddings with small amounts of guests, and people who have had the joy of getting wed there have said how romantic it was. The reception is then held in either the high level walkways, located 140 feet above the river Thames or in the unusual Victorian engine room which can hold up to 250 guests.

Editor's office at the Daily Mirror

If current affairs and world politics float your boat then you might want to consider that you can now marry in the heart of the media world. Editor's Office, Daily Mirror News Room, One Canada Square, Isle of Dogs E14, Tel:020 7293 3000 - Canary Wharf.

Underground at Llechwedd Slate Caverns

Like the tourists, wedding couples and their guests first have to descend into the Deep Mine on Britain's steepest passenger railway, which has a gradient of 1 in 1.8.
Perfect for adverturous couples who want a wedding to truly remember.

In a lighthouse

How about marrying in the Museum of Scottish lighthouse? It has all the facilities to host your wedding including unique spaces for your wedding ceremony including the Lens Gallery, Audio Visual Room, the old lighthouse Lens Room and Kinnaird Head Castle Roof Terrace.

Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh

Set against the stunning backdrop of Salisbury Crags, this scottish wedding venue is guaranteed to make your day truly memorable. . Great for earthy couples who want to involve the beauty of nature into their big day.

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