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Claudia Winkleman - Biography

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Personal details

Name: Claudia Winkleman
Born: 15/01/1972 (Age: 43)
From: Hampstead, London
Famous for: Bringing some sass to Strictly spin-off show It Takes Two.
Relationship status: Married to film producer Kris Thykier.

All about this star

In a nutshell

Best known as the host of the BBC Strictly Come Dancing spin-off show 'It Takes Two', this former journalist and TV presenter has many a string to her entertainment bow.

Claudia was brought up in well-to-do Hampstead, attending posh City of London School for Girls. Proving she's not just a pretty face Claudia also graduated from Cambridge University no less, with a degree in art history. (That surely came in useful for light entertainment TV presenting.) Deciding that TV was the career for her, Claudia initially waded her way through some less-than-glamorous cable channel shows. The highlight (or lowlight) here was presenting for show 'Toilets' on BBC Choice, a show about, um, the humble loo.

Still she managed to decent gigs, such as for the Beeb's long-running Holiday show, where guest presenters got flown to far-flung exotic countries for 'work'. Tough job, but someone's got to do it... Her break came with presenting Liquid News for BBC Three where she got to flaunt her cheeky, irreverent style of interviewing. (She famously caused a stir with S Club 7 in 2003 which ended in their PR storming onto the set the halt the interview).

More 'upmarket' work followed, such as presenting Fame Academy, Hell's Kitchen Strictly: It Takes Two. The latter show was devised as a companion show to Strictly Come Dancing but ended up being almost as popular thanks to Claudia's inimitable style dissecting the likes of John Sergeant's foxtrot with celebrity pundits and judges. While building her TV career, she also worked as a journalist and writer and is a regular columnist for The Independent where she airs her tongue-in-cheek musings on the lighter sides of current affairs.

This year she was also named as Jonathan Ross's replacement for Film 2010 a much-coveted job indicating Ms Winkleman has finally arrived into the light entertainment glitterati.

Did you know?

She was sponsored for every hour she was in labour with her son Jake who was due on Red Nose Day 2003. She clocked up ?7,000 in 23 hours. Phew!

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