Ultimate protection for just £6 a month*

We always recommend using our award-winning SuperSafe online security, powered by F-Secure. HomeSafe and eero Secure keep devices safe inside the home, but SuperSafe protects them outside as well.

Browser security

Scam-Safe everywhere

Secure up to 10 devices. Not just at home, but out on the go too. So you can feel confident that you're protected wherever you are.

secure key

Power to the Password

Forget about losing important PINS and digits. Supersafe includes a Password Manager which stores them all securely.

browser security

Advanced Anti-Virus Protection

Unlike other security software, SuperSafe can find and block viruses or malware in attachments and downloaded files.

money security

Safer Spending Guaranteed

Online defence includes banking and shopping protection, to ensure you're always on a trusted site before you share your details or send money.

Just the calls you really want

All our plans include Callsafe, our free call screening service. It lets you pick up the phone with complete peace of mind every time. No Scammers. No sales pitches. And no time wasted.

lighting fast speeds

Say no to nuisance callers

Any mystery callers will be asked to leave a message identifying themselves. You can then decide if you want to talk or block.

phonecall questions icon

Friends and family to the front

Your approved list is VIP only. And they’ll get straight through. You choose who makes the cut too. Online or by dialing 1472.

no thanks.

Hang up once, block forever

Once someone's on your block list, the phone won’t even ring if they call. And thanks to our database of unwanted callers, that list is always growing.

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