Why choose full fibre broadband?

Full Fibre is the future here today. It’s the newest broadband technology, and it’s all about faster download speeds, less buffering and more devices logged on at home. It uses 100% fibre optic cables and seamlessly copes with streaming, gaming and remote working.

  1. lighting fast speeds
    Our Fastest Ever Broadband

    24x faster than standard broadband, with speeds of up to 944 Mb/s.

  2. Wifi Icon
    Strong and Reliable Connection

    Makes working from home a breeze, whether downloading or video calls.

  3. gamer icon
    Less Buffering, Seamless Streaming

    Game, stream movies and catch up on your TV shows with ease.

  4. Home icon
    Connection for the Whole Home

    Connect more than 75 devices and easily cope with the family’s needs.

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