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Where dogs come to socialise

"Woof woof" (Welcome)

Welcome to WoofWoof, the social media site for dogs. Harnessing technology developed by linguistic entrepreneur Dr. Graham Mowbray, TalkTalk is proud to launch WoofWoof: the world' first Pet-to-Pet (P2P) network.

Dogs have one of the most complex linguistic structures in the animal kingdom. Using a sophisticated matrix of audio and analytical tools, WoofWoof is able to translate these audible signals and enable it to be shared it on a social media platform.

Feel free to explore the site, watch our test subjects and owner testimonials, or even sign up for our beta programme.

Update: BOL! Thanks to everyone for playing along with our April Fool's joke, although you never know - canine social networking might one day be a reality.

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How it all works

How it works

Beta testers wanted

"Arf arf arf arf" (testimonials)

Using WoofWoof's technology, we asked the programme's first participants what they thought...

  • "Now I get to talk to my friends even when it is not time for walkies."

    Jess, Essex

  • "I like the bright screen and now my masters give me food whenever I ask."

    Baxter, Nottingham

  • "I woke my masters up with my barking when Fifi told me about her new bone!"

    Mitzi, London

  • "Since the postman accepted my friend request we have got on better."

    Max, North Wales

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