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Stream webcam video over a home network

Author: Computeractive staff
Date: 07-12-2010 09:30:00

Most security camera systems are quite costly, especially if they are only needed from time to time. Yet many homes have two or more computers linked by a wireless network, usually used to share an internet connection.If one or more of these PCs has a webcam, it’s relatively easy to stream the video across the network, providing a cheap video-monitoring system for whatever purpose – perhaps to watch a sleeping infant, or pointed out of a window to see who’s knocking on the front door.In this Workshop we will demonstrate how the free VLC Media Player program can be used to stream the video from a webcam connected to one computer to any other computer on the same network.First, visit Videolan’s website and download and install VLC Media Player on both PCs. Then follow the steps below.Baffled by jargon? See our free online Jargon Buster.

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