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Stop pop-up adverts using blocking tools

Author: Emil Larsen
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2009 10:00:00 GMT
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Just select High, rather than the default Medium, from the ‘Filter Level’ dropdown menu at the bottom of the Settings window. These settings are identical in Internet Explorer 8.

A free add-on for Internet Explorer 7 called IE7Pro can be used to block standard web adverts and those that use Flash.

Once it is installed, right-click on the round blue icon at the bottom-right of Internet Explorer, select Preferences, then tick the Ad Blocker box under the Modules heading.

Standard banner, tower and in-text adverts are blocked immediately, but to block Flash adverts right-click the round blue icon again and select Enable Flash Blocker.

Flash objects will be greyed out, but can be activated again by clicking on them. Remember that this will block all Flash objects, so you may find that online videos are greyed out

If this happens right-click the blue icon, select Ad Blocker and then pick Don’t Filter This Site.

Firefox tools Firefox includes a tool to block pop-up adverts. To switch it on or off, click Tools, then Options, then Content and you will see a tick box. Unlike Internet Explorer there is no way to adjust how effective it is.

For a thorough way to block pop-ups, Flash and in-text adverts, install the free Noscript add-on. Noscript uses a belt-and-braces approach to disable adverts by stopping all Flash and Javascript, so it can affect other web pages.

If a website does not work properly after Noscript is installed, click on the S! icon at the bottom-right of the Firefox browser window and select Allow all this page.

Simple image adverts are not blocked by Noscript. These are easy to ignore when surfing, but if you really want to remove them all you will need another add-on.

Adblock Plus claims to eliminate 99 per cent of adverts and worked well in our tests.

After installing the add-on you will need to select a free filtering service that supplies a list of known advertising tools and websites to block. The US-hosted service is the best match for UK surfers.

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