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Top tips to help keep your family safer online

1. Mum’s (and Dad’s) the word...

Don’t forget that settings are only as secure as your password. If you don’t want your children to be able to change settings keep your passwords just between Mum and Dad!

3. Tidy up...

Take 10 minutes to have a digital tidy up. Check the devices your family uses to make sure they are set up as you want them

5. Your rules

Tell the people in your children’s lives what your rules are for their online activities

7. Use HomeSafe

Find out more about HomeSafe and enable it on your TalkTalk broadband.

9. Keep up to date!

Keep up to date about the apps, websites and services your children are using. It’s up to you to check them out to make sure you’re happy with your children using them

2. When you were their age...

Ask yourself what you would have Googled when you were their age and then make sure you’ve had an appropriate conversation with them about it

4. Update settings...

Update the settings on your family’s tech as your children get older.  You could make it part of their birthday milestones

6. Online friends?

Ask your children who their online friends are – they might have some you don’t know offline

8. Not just a toy...

Remember online isn’t just another toy or tool – it’s a world your children share with adults

10. Supporting you...

Know where to get support – If something does happen to your child, like being cyber bullied, there are lots of places to get support. The Safer Internet website is a great place to start!

Our top ten internet safety tips, brought to you by Parent Zone, will help protect your children online.

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