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David Cameron and Francois Hollande beef up Channel Tunnel security at Calais
A migrant climbs over a fence on to the tracks near the Eurotunnel site at Coquelles in Calais, France.

David Cameron and Francois Hollande beef up Channel Tunnel...

Security measures around the Channel Tunnel are to be stepped up after Britain and France agreed a package including extra private security guards, French police reinforcements, additional fences and more CCTV surveillance.

World news

Kurdish rebels kill soldiers in Turkey bomb blast

Kurdish rebels kill soldiers in Turkey...

Kurdish rebels have detonated an explosives-laden agricultural vehicle at a military police station in eastern Turkey, killing two soldiers and wounding 24 others, authorities said.

Sport news

Ennis-Hill demands doping action

Ennis-Hill demands doping action

Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis-Hill called on athletics' world governing body and the World Anti-Doping Agency to address a report in the Sunday Times which appears to show cheating has taken place on a vast scale in the sport during the last decade.

Business news

Gibraltar's economy one of world's fastest growing

Gibraltar's economy one of world's...

Britons are being told to be wary when travelling to debt-ridden Greece - but figures show that another Mediterranean tourist destination is thriving.

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Showbiz news

Stuart Baggs post-mortem fails to find Apprentice star's cause of death

Stuart Baggs post-mortem fails to find...

Questions surround the sudden death of former Apprentice contestant Stuart Baggs after a post-mortem proved inconclusive, police said.


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