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The AvalanchesAvalanches interview
Unless you've had your head underneath a rock, you should know who The Avalanches are by now. The six strong Australian dance outfit have been leaving their technicoloured imprint onto the map of dance music for the past year.

Recent single Frontier Psychiatrist coined the line 'you're a nut,you're crazy in the coconut'. They've recently been gigging at most of the summer festivals, but their future performances have been put into doubt, as front man Darren Seltmann is rumoured to have broken his leg. So Tiscali caught up with another band member, a very tired Robbie Chater.

How was V2001?
Robbie: " It was ok. The second show on Sunday was alot better though."

How have you found the festival scene in the UK?
Robbie: It's been great. We've had lots of fun. But getting the show together has been hard."

How did you translate the album into the show together?
Robbie:"We treat the live show as a separate thing from the album. We tried for a long time to reproduce the album but it just wasn't working, it was kind of boring. So we wrote a heap of new songs for the live show.
It's very intense. It takes me about six hours to calm down after a show."

Dan said that if he so much got a whiff of Kylie's perfume before he went on to perform at V2001, he would freak out - did that happen?
Robbie:"She came and watched us from the side of the stage. I know Tony freaked out a little because she was standing right next to him, and he got a bit nervous."

Who came up with the idea for the Since I left You video
Robbie: We wrote a treatment, involving syncronised swimmers on ocean liner and we were told no by the record company. So some guys from Blue Source directed it instead. Are you ever likely to appear in your videos? Robbie: "Not if we can help it, no."

Is there anybody who you wouldn't let you clear the sample you wanted to use?
Robbie: "Yes, Rogers and Hammerstein. It was originally at the beginning of the album and had harps playing and girls singing.
I think that the album was a little diluted by the time we had finished clearing all the samples. We just had to accept that, that was going to happen. We've got even longer versions of the album back at home, they're about two hours long, but we thought we'd better edit it before we put it out."

You've said that your album couldn't have been made anywhere else other than Melbourne - will that be the case for your next album?
Robbie: "Yeah, I think we'll be more focused at home. It's quieter, we can just get stuck into it. We'll probably start working on it before Christmas."

Do you think that any of you will go off and do solo work?
Robbie:"Darren and I will probably do a couple of more records, then we'll probably branch out and do film soundtracks. I think that Dextor will do a record though."


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