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Independent Commercial Finance brokers can find you the finance that you require

KIS Commercial Finance are independent commercial finance brokers who specialise in providing commercial mortgages, business loans, buy to let mortgages, bridging loans and asset finance to businesses throughout the UK.

As their name implies KIS Commercial Finance believe in keeping commercial finance as simple as possible and always try to make the whole process of business finance quick and hassle free.

KIS Commercial Finance insist that they remain independent because this allows them the ability to use most lenders, these include the high street banks through to smaller specialist lenders. By remaining independent and having access to such a large choice of lenders KIS Commercial Finance are in a stronger position to be able to find their clients the finance facilities that they require. Even more important being independent allows them to also compare the different deals that are on offer to ensure that their clients receive the most competitive options.

Low property prices combined with excellent income potential from renting investment property has meant that many people are looking to purchase both residential and commercial property in order to rent out.

This is particularly so for residential rental property for which the demand is high. Caused by the previous few years of turmoil within the banking industry and subsequent changes to the mortgage market, many people are finding it impossible or difficult to obtain suitable mortgages to allow them to buy a home. Being unable to buy, the alternative is renting, and this combined with people holding off purchasing due to economic uncertainty has led to a significant rise in the demand for rental property which has in turn seen a rise in rental charges.

Unusually the normal economic principles of supply and demand were not of much help when the economic downturn first occurred a few years ago. This can be illustrated by builders of new houses who tried dropping their prices considerably, when they were unable to sell their new homes to first time buyers. Up until the sudden downturn caused by the credit crunch new build properties were selling well to first time buyers who were obtaining 100 per cent mortgages. Other fees for buying a house were often paid by the builder as an incentive so all the purchaser had to do was move in and make the monthly mortgage payments. The credit crunch marked the end of high loan to value mortgages and left people now requiring large deposits in order to purchase. Builders tried dropping the price of their homes, but even a significant drop, for example £100,000 to £75,000 would still mean a purchaser has to find a large deposit, which many were and still are unable to do.

Therefore the credit crunch has meant more people looking to rent so higher rental charges, and cheaper property because of the reduced demand for it. This is clearly good news for people looking to start a property portfolio or expand an existing one.

KIS Commercial Finance are completely independent commercial mortgage and finance brokers who search all the lenders to find their customers the best possible deals. There is a large range of buy to let mortgages available plus there are a growing number of buy to let mortgage providers, as lenders are starting to return to this market.

Sometimes investment property is purchased or refinanced using a commercial mortgage. These are particularly useful when financing large portfolios of residential property or when the property involved is in some way commercial. Commercial mortgages can be used to buy shops, retail units, offices and industrial units, which can be rented out to other businesses or used to run a business. In addition commercial mortgages and remortgages can be used to refinance, to fund expansion or to consolidate more expensive finance agreements to reduce costs and obtain a better deal.

Another facility that KIS Commercial Finance can provide is asset finance, in order to help businesses acquire new machinery, vehicles, equipment and computer software.

When funds are required quickly or for a short time, bridging finance could be the best option. KIS Commercial Finance has a specialist section that arranges the best possible deals on fast bridging loans.

For all your commercial finance requirements please call KIS Commercial Finance on 0800 644 6555.


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