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Top 5 free iPhone applications

iphone app

The iPhone offers many unique applications for every type of user. So whether you want to check the stocks, find the nearest pub or turn your iPhone into a light saber there's an application for you.

To download any of the applications mentioned below, you must have iTunes installed on your machine.

5. Metro UK

5. eReader

Metro is the daily newspaper which is distributed free in London and other main UK cities. Now you can view it digitally on your iPhone or iPod - this app allows for personalisation, archive search and streams breaking news.

What's more, with this app you can download entire editions offline before you head onto the tube, and never again have to fight for a paper on your commute home.

4. Flickr


This app enables you to do share photos and videos on the go. Geo-tag your photos or add them to a set, and see recent photo activity from friends and family.

3. AroundMe

3. AroundMe

If you've ever missed your train stop, got off at the wrong station, or found yourself on the wrong side of town, then this is the app for you. It quickly identifies your position and can suggest the nearest bank, hospital, hotel, taxi firm - for each business, you can opt to locate it on a map and view its route from where you are.

2. AudioBoo

2. AudioBoo

Priceless for those wanting to add a quick interview or audio clip to their website. Create an account, press the record button to capture the audio on your handset, save the clip (audio files are saved online in mp3 format), add a photo and description, and AudioBoo automatically tags your location. Files can then be uploaded to a whole whost of sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

1. Facebook

5. Facebook

This app makes it easy to remain connected and stay in touch with friends wherever you are. Using this app, you can start conversations with friends using Facebook Chat, check friends' statuses and updates, view their uploads and upload photos of your own directly from your phone. Available in seven languages.

And some of the most useless applications...

  • SOS Torch & Flashlight - Make the touch screen bright white in an effort to give off enough light to see in the dark. It doesn’t. Its real function is to drain your battery without actually giving a beam of light bright enough to see anything with.
  • Bubble Popper -  Pop your troubles away with the plastic mini-explosions. This app is actually a game, taking away a good portion of all that stress, with a touch of performance anxiety it counts how many bubbles you've popped.
  • Paper Toss - A great timewaster, this app mimics that popular office game where you have to toss a crumpled bit of paper into a waste paper basket. Share and compare your scores with other tossers.
  • Lightsaber Unleashed - With this app, you can now take the force with you wherever you go. As you swing your phone, a range of Lightsaber special effect noises will be emitted from your handset. You can also draw and withdraw your Lightsaber and play some duelling music to get you ready for battle.

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  • 3 drops roaming for another five countries
    3 drops roaming for another five countries
    Mobile phone company, 3, has scrapped roaming charges for France, Switzerland, Israel, Finland and Norway, add to the 11 countries they have already scrapped the charges for.
  • 'Butterflies' created from recycled mobile phones
    'Butterflies' created from recycled mobile phones
    A group of designers created a set of artificial butterflies made entirely from recycled mobile phones that interact differently when existing smartphones make contact with them. Working with mobile operator O2 and its official O2 Recycle scheme, design c
  • Mobile service payment launched
    Mobile service payment launched
    The new Paym service to enable more people to transfer money just by using mobile phone numbers can be used by customers of Bank of Scotland, Barclays, Cumberland Building Society, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, Santander, TSB and Danske Bank.
  • Bristol youth club eyes Banksy artwork sale
    Bristol youth club eyes Banksy artwork sale
    The youth club that removed this Banksy artwork from its wall hopes to raise £100,000 from its sale. The project now hopes to raise a large part of the £120,000 they need to keep going by selling the piece.
3 drops roaming for another five countries
Mobile phone company, 3, has scrapped roaming charges for France, Switzerland, Israel, Finland and Norway, add to the 11 countries they have already scrapped the charges for.

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