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Children At Risk Register - Agony Aunt

Ask Anne

Dear Anne

What happens when a child is put on the at risk register? My daughter-in-law is telling my son the children are on the at risk register because about 2 years ago he threw a cup at the wall. It bounced and my grandson got a cut on his foot. Now my DIL has left my son, and she says he can't see the kids because they are on this register, even though he has never hit or been bad to the children or her. There is a lot more to the break-up, that is, she has someone else. Thank you. Ann

Dear Ann

I'm sorry your son and his family are in this difficult position. However, there's no guarantee that the children are actually on the at risk register, so it's important that your son finds out quickly. He would be well advised to see a solicitor who can advise him how best to proceed. He may choose to seek an initial interview via the CAB's free legal clinics which would give him the lie of the land and point him in the right direction. He can find out about the dates and times of these via . He might then decide to find himself a solicitor who's also a mediator, or he could go straight to this point. He can locate this kind of specialist in family law via, the website of Resolution, formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association. This is an organisation dedicated to helping families in difficulties such as this find the best way forward with the minimum of hostility and cost. His willingness to go to mediation would stand him in good stead if this comes to court.

It's best for children to have shared, responsible co-parenting where neither parent badmouths the other to them. All decisions should be made with their best interests at heart.

I wish all members of this family the best possible outcome.

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