Targeted Cookies

Targeted cookies are used by advertisers on our website to display more relevant adverts to you. These cookies track your browser as you visit different websites and are sometimes called behavioural cookies.

These cookies are often linked to an advertising network that collects and shares this information with multiple advertisers.

You can choose to manage these cookies through your browser settings, but you may find it more effective to use the advertising networks own opt out tool.

Below is a list of the most popular advertising networks on our site, with links to their opt out tools.

Popular network advertiser opt out tools

More network advertiser opt out tools

    A list of opt out tools for many of the Uk's most popular behavioural advertisers.

Further information and advice

    Consumer information surrounding the use of cookies.

     Information on how behavioral advertising works and general cookie advice.

    Quick answers to many of your most popular cookie questions.

    Data Protection Act 2018 and recent legislation.

     Independent UK authority guidelines and data privacy advice.

    Tool to make opting out of behavioural targeted ads easy.