TalkTalk Customer Fair Use Policy


1.1  You may only use our services for legitimate private, personal and domestic purposes. You may not use them for commercial or business purposes, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1.2  Any use of our services that is disproportionate or excessive to that which would be expected from good faith, domestic use is prohibited.

1.3  Below is a non-exhaustive list of activities that would contravene this policy:

(a) an exceptionally high volume of calls and/or total call time;

(b) a large number of calls to an unusually high number of recipients;

(c) the making of calls with the intention of artificially inflating traffic;

(d) concurrent calls i.e. making multiple calls at the same time;

(e) re-selling our services for the purpose of earning financial revenue or any other reward, such as vouchers or credit, including the use of “cash back” or “cash for calling” services;

(f) using our services predominantly for call forwarding (international or domestic), conference call facilities or directory enquiries; and

(g) using our services, or permitting others to use them, in a way that is unlawful, illegal or to the detriment of other users.

1.4  Failure to adhere to this policy may result in immediate:

(a) suspension of service(s);

(b) restrictions on service(s);

(c) disconnection of service(s); or

(d) termination of contract.

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