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Big Brother 10 - Bea's best bits

Housemate: Bea

This week, the public have been voting to evict Bea, Marcus or David. Big Brother host Davina McCall announced on Channel 4 that the person with the most votes, and would therefore leave the Big Brother house immediately, was Bea.

Bea is the 11th person to be publicly evicted from the Big Brother10 House and received 88.24% of the public vote.

Bea Hamill surprised the housemates when she arrived in the house - and now she's shocked us all by getting given the boot.

The self-confessed Bohemian entered the house on Day 44, just minutes before Karly was evicted.

  She soon settled into the house and found herself being lusted over by Freddie, who developed an intense crush on her.

  Just a day after entering, he declared to Big Brother that the blonde was "definitely my type".

  His over-friendly nature soon started to concern Bea, who confided to Charlie and Sophie, "I thought he was just being friendly. I love talking to him, and I find him really interesting, but I don't fancy him. Oh s**t! I wouldn't have thought that at all."

  But any potential romance soon hit shaky ground, when Bea discovered she would have to have a hand in getting him nominated for eviction.

  Upon arrival in the house, fellow newbie Hira randomly picked the Oxford graduate and Noirin to face eviction that week.

  She had to ensure all the other housemates nominated them - or else the five new arrivals would themselves face the public vote.

  Kenneth soon realised the way to get Freddie up was to manipulate him through Bea - but the blonde was having none of it and became embroiled in a fierce row with the playboy which culminated in him telling her to "shut the f**k up".

  He later apologised but it was all in vain and she rejected Kenneth's olive branch.

  She ranted to Freddie, "He is an unpleasant, nasty little man. He should pick his battles wisely. He was trying to get me to do something, something I don't want to. I can't talk about it."

  The row was all in vain though - the newbies failed in their task, meaning that they were all up for eviction.

  And they weren't the only ones - Marcus, Charlie, Freddie, Sophie, Siavash and Noirin were also put up for the vote for openly discussing nominations.

  With the week's nominations revealed, the group concentrated on the task - embracing all things Greek.

  Pretty Bea took on the role of the goddess of love, Aphrodite and her challenge was to go on a romantic dinner date with someone from outside the house.

  The 24 year old described her ideal man in the Diary Room: "I like the whole Jesus look. Like a hippy, but not a smelly one. I want someone who is physical. Romantically physical... You know what I mean."

  She was delighted with BB's choice when she later went into the task room and discovered Robin sitting there waiting.
  "Oh my goodness," she squealed. "You're gorgeous and you've got lovely manners."

  But all too soon the union was over and Bea returned to life in the BB house.

  Her efforts on the task weren't rewarded as the real challenge lay just with Freddie, who failed in his task.

  This meant the group would be facing life on basic rations.

  Kenneth left the house in an early morning flit just a day after they discovered the results - meaning the eviction was cancelled and Bea would be in the house for another week.

  Bea had her second full blown fight in the house, when she ended up clashing with Tom about her relationship with Freddie.

  The hunky rugby player kicked off the arguing after taking Bea aside and warning her to be careful about how her close relationship with the posh boy could look to viewers.

  She shouted at him, "But that's making it far more sinister than it is. I'm just someone who's got something in common with him."

  The row had a big effect on Tom, who left the house the following day.

  Bea was given a mini task in the wake of Tom's departure, competing in the 50/50 challenge quiz to win treats and a party for the group.

  She succeeded and the group enjoyed a fun food and boozed filled night out in the task room, complete with music to lift their spirits.

  Never a dull moment in the house, the HMs were given their new tasks by BB - they had to become a boy band and a girl group!

  But the group were shocked to discover they would actually be performing as human puppets.

  Bea, along with Charlie, Noirin, Marcus and Hira, became part of Mad N' Proud, controlling her puppets face and legs.

  The Bristol lass tried a bit of enemy sabotage during the task - telling rival band member Siavash she wanted to be his girlfriend!

 The kooky stylist, who had been romancing Noirin was left stunned, and slightly unnerved, as she declared: "I am talking seriously. I've never been so certain in all my life."

  Bea was obviously in the mood to star conflict in the house.

  Just after her Siavash revelation, Bea started moaning about Lisa.

  She whinged, "She's gonna start stressing with me. Yesterday she was like, 'You're tired.' Yes I was tired, I wasn't genuinely having a stress.

  "She was happy to smoke my cigarettes in the first week and she's never replaced them. I think she intimidates this house."

  Noirin agreed with her -, but Bea soon turned her bitching claws into lovestruck Freddie.

  During a chat with Siavash in the garden, she saw Freddie in the house and complained, "He'll be coming out in a minute. I think if I'm subtle, he'll get it. I have said I'm used to more space."

  But with the surprise arrival of Noirin's ex Isaac, Bea had a new target in mind.

  The Dubliner had callously dumped Siavash when Isaac came into the house - so Bea took revenge by planting a pair of Siavash's pants in Noirin's bed!

  She proceeded to flirt with the new American, much to Noirin's annoyance - but Isaac rebuffed her advances and the pair clashed when he heard Bea slagging off his former flame.

  Bea was left fuming by this, and declared that she wanted the "revolting" American out of the house.

  And she got her wish - after Noirin was evicted, Isaac followed her out of the house just minutes later.

  But her rocky relationship with Freddie continued, after the 24 year old confessed to Marcus he is struggling to be "just friends" with Bea.

  He confronted her about his feelings while she was having a bath, but she rejected him yet again, huffing: "You put me on the spot!"

  Their tense relationship continued, not helped by the fact Big Brother announced that everybody would be up for eviction that week after constant rule breaking.

  They put their differences aside to concentrate on the Alice In Wonderland-themed task. The both became playing cards - Bea was the Six of Hearts and Freddie the Two of Spades.

  But after Hira was evicted they fought yet again, after he accused Bea of having a negative attitude in the house. Freddie later apologised, but it affected the blonde who admitted she was feeling less than positive.

  Relations between the pair were still fraught going into week 10, and Bea found an unlikely alliance in Lisa over their mutual dislike of Freddie.

  Just when Freddie and Bea started to get on again, he was evicted after going head-to-head with Marcus.

  Now that her sparring partner had gone, the Bristol lass needed a new enemy and promptly fell out with Charlie - who spat water in her face as a joke on Saturday night.

  Bea wasn't laughing though, shouting, "I'm going to the Diary Room. It's a bridge too far. I can't believe you did that. I'm soaked. Honestly, I'm really shocked. That is really gross. My hair is soaking. It's not funny. Charlie, that's definitely taking things way too far."

  Even an apology from the camp Geordie wasn't enough to placate her and she raged about the incident all weekend, even clashing again with Rodrigo on Sunday about her disappointment in her message from home.

  As if these two arguments weren't enough, she fell out with Marcus on Monday when she discovered he had nominated her - and declared to the house that she wanted to leave.

  Bea got her wish though, as she was put up for eviction by her fellow HMs and was kicked out by the public on Friday.

  Oh Bea, you were such a sweet girl when you came in - what went wrong?!

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