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Mina HarkerMIna Harker
As the only female member of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, some might consider Mina Harker to be vulnerable in the face of the Fantom's might; Quartermain does. But as she avows to to an enemy soldier, it would be a "mistake to thinking I need [The League] to protect me". In a time when woman are meant to be seen and not heard, Harker is both a warrior and visionary.

Mina is the sole survivor of a mysterious horror that crept through the London fog. When she emerged from the darkness she was reborn as a powerful, terrifying creature of the night.

The cruel blood of Dracula, The Vampire King, runs through Mina Harker's veins, instilling her with an arsenal of paranormal powers and biological weapons. With her immense willpower, Mina has mastered her undead urges while gaining the full strength and lethality of a master vampire. She can move at blinding speeds, tear through flesh, wood and metal; she can commincate with bats, scale flat walls and survive almost any attack.

A former lover of Dorian Gray, Mina exploits their still burning pashion to lure him and his invaluable services to The League, a decision they may both soon regret.