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Tina O'Brian - Biography

Tina O'Brian
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Personal details

Name: Tina O'Brian
Born: 7/08/1983 (Age: 31)
From: Manchester, UK
Famous for: She left the cobbles on one of them fancy Euro train thingies.
Relationship status: Dating

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In a nutshell

We don't half love our soaps here in the UK. If it isn't Hollyoaks (don't worry, you can admit you love it here, nobody's listening) it's EastEnders and if it isn't EastEnders well, it's probably Corrie.

Although a lot of the cast of Corrie appear to be approaching the end of their career (and lets be honest, their lives...) there are a couple of 'younger folk' keeping things ticking along.

One of them ? although recently departed ? was Tina O'Brian. There's no denying she had a very cosy, well paid role in the soap and of course she'd be absolutely mad to give it up.


That's right, Tina (and her on-screen character, Sarah) have hot-footed it from the soap into the land of panto and 'exciting projects that I can't talk about.'

Born in Manchester, Tina left school with two GCSEs so it's actually quite a coup that she can act. After roles in Children's Ward (yay!) and The Cops (eh?) she joined the street in 1999, which feels like foreverago.

In a hilarious 'soap meets real life' twist, Tina is dating Ryan Thomas who played her onscreen husband, Jason. They're expecting their first child soon (in real life, not on the soap. She left the soap, remember?) and are very glad Ryan chose not to leave a well paid cushy job in a soap.

Did you know?

Tina made it into FHM magazine's Top 100 Sexiest Women list; At number 28 in 2005 and 53rd in 2006. Based on those figures we estimate she'll hover around the number 1,545th mark in 2009...

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