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Robbie Williams - Biography

Robbie Williams
Rating: 4.7 / 5

Personal details

Name: Robbie Williams
Born: 13/02/1974 (Age: 41)
From: Stoke, UK
Famous for: He was at the top of his game...
Relationship status: Married

All about this star

In a nutshell

Robbie (or was we sometimes like to call him, Robert Peter Maximillan Williams) is definitely one of Britain's most successful and most loved 'entertainers'. We prefer to call him an entertainer because that cheeky grin really sets him apart from mere singers, doesn't it ladies?

Robbie was always branded the naughty one in Take That because he liked to drink alcohol. And sometimes smoke. And probably lots of other stuff besides. But he always played a massive part in the band and, as when Geri decided to quit the Spice Girls, he caused shockwaves around the country.

Although his first album went down like a lead balloon, Robbie didn't quite give up the cause. Deciding to release 'Angels' as a single in 1997 was probably one of the smartest things anyone in the music industry has ever done. It went on to become the anthem of chav weddings and funerals across the land whilst at the same time making everybody sit up and take notice of the Robster like he always thought we should have.

Mr Williams has always had a bit of an eye for the ladies ? although many a gay man claims to have registered Robbie on their gaydar (dream on) ? including the very lovely Kylie Minogue. The pair performed together on the hit single, Kids, in 2000.

Robbie's massive success seemed to falter with his most album 'Rudebox'. He did what any respectable celebrity should do in these testing times and retreated to his home in LA. Constantly appearing to suffer from depression, self-loathing and insecurity, sometimes it feels like all we need to do as a nation is get Robbie back on British soil and tuck him into bed with a nice mug of builder's tea. Luckily, we didn't have to swim over there as a refreshed Robbie launched his new single and album with a performance on the 2009 series of The X Factor. Although he still got some stick for appearing a little 'spaced out', he was simply nervous. He obviously made a good impression because Simon Cowell invited him back to duet in the final with eventual runner-up, Olly Murs.

Robbie married long-term girlfriend Ayda Field in August 2010.

Did you know?

Robbie should be proud to be the artist most featured on the 'Now That's What I Call Music!' compilation albums.

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