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Nikki Grahame - Biography

Nikki Grahame
Rating: 3.6 / 5

Personal details

Name: Nikki Grahame
Born: 28/04/1982 (Age: 32)
From: Watford, UK
Famous for: She demanded to know, 'Who is she?!'
Relationship status: Single

All about this star

In a nutshell

Every few years you get an absolute gem of a 'Big Brother' contestant and Nikki Grahame was definitely one of them.

First entering the house in Big Brother's 2006 series, Nikki was quite obviously going to be good 'value for money' when she walked up the famous stairs wearing a bunny outfit. That's right, a bunny outfit! Which at the time meant she was probably going to be one of those Essex-girl types who drink too much, pull men's pants down on a night out, that sort of thing. And gladly, she was!

But lets take a look at a few years before the limelight of Big Brother...

She's described her childhood as the 'happiest ever', which is a good thing. But things took a turn for the worse when she started showing signs of the eating disorder dyslexia. Her case, over time, was described as one of the worst ever seen.

But she managed to see herself through to the other side (hurray) and before going on BB was on a couple of TV shows. Remember the addictively awful 'Sex on the Beach' on Sky 1? It basically involved cameras following various people around sunny holiday islands. Nikki was on of those people. She also appears on 'Blind Date' but her partner didn't seem to impressed when he said, 'Everyone's got a right to be dozy, but Nikki abused it.' Oh dear...

One of the reasons Nikki was so memorable on Big Brother is because she was involved in the infamous incident which saw previously voted out housemates being allowed to re-enter the house. This proved a massive turn-off with viewers but there was a little bit of love in the air when Nikki was reunited with her house love interest ? and eventual winner ? Pete.

Did you know?

Nikki has won a National Television Award for 'Most Popular TV Contender'. Ahem.

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