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Neil Morrissey - Biography

TalkTalk have created this exclusive celebrity biography of Neil Morrissey - we believe it to be the most comprehensive on the web.

Neil Morrissey

Personal details

Name: Neil Morrissey
Born: 4/07/1962 (Age: 53)
From: Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Famous for: He behaved badly
Relationship status: Married

All about this star

In a nutshell

Neil Morrissey first hit the big time when he played Rocky (no, not the boxer) in ITV's drama Boon.

A bigger role was to come along in the form of Tony in sitcom Men Behaving Badly. The show had actually already gained success and the role of Tony was created to fill the gap left by Harry Enfield's character Dermot. The tabloids loved reporting on the 'romance' between Neil and his co-star Leslie Ash. They were the UK's answer to Ross and Rachel and we didn't even know it! Well, minus the Hollywood glamour. The pair signed up to be the faces of DIT store Homebase to capitalise on their success.

More recently it's actually Neil's voice which has really made him a bigger success than he ever was on screen. He's the voice of Bob the Builder, the hugely popular children's character. Neil has therefore scored a Christmas number 1 single in the UK back in 2000 (you know, the time before The X Factor ruined the excitement) when Bob the Builder's 'Can We Fix It?' song hit the top spot.

Neil provides the narration for the children's shows Morph and Maisy. They're not a couple, buy the way. Morph has his own show. And so does Maisy. In fact we don't even think they've met before. Hmm.

Neil popped up in E4's brilliant drama Skins in 2007 playing Cassie's father. He's also been a guest star on Neighbours (which nobody seems to care about now it's moved to Five) playing the priest who remarries Susan and Karl on a boat in the river Thames. We didn't see it ourselves but it sounds like absolute genius!

Neil's still cracking out good drama roles, most recently on the BBC's Waterloo Road where he played deputy head teacher Eddie Lawson.

The tabloids had a field day when it was claimed Neil was having an affair with Amanda Holden, who was married to Les Dennis.

Did you know?

Neil got an honorary degree from Staffordshire University back in 2006.

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