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Myleene Klass - Biography

TalkTalk have created this exclusive celebrity biography of Myleene Klass - we believe it to be the most comprehensive on the web.

Myleene Klass

Personal details

Name: Myleene Klass
Born: 6/04/1978 (Age: 37)
From: Norfolk, UK
Famous for: She transformed from reality star to all-round celeb.
Relationship status: She's taken, lads!

All about this star

In a nutshell

It's tiresome to keep reading about failed popstars from the zillions of reality TV shows like Popstars, Pop Idol, The X Factor, Fame Academy blah blah. So it's nice when one of them manages to 'break free' from the ultimate humiliation and general hate which usually follows this sort of process. So please welcome Myleene Klass, the girl who's managed to squeeze a hell of a lot of work into the last few years.

Born to an Austrian-English father and a Filipina mother, Myleene was always going to show a musical talent from childhood. Her father had six generations of classical musicians behind her, which is rather lucky. She was one of those annoying children who picked up the violin and piano from the age of FOUR and the harp from the age of TWELVE, while you and I were still trying to master the triangle.

Before she really became a household name, she wasn't short of work; She appeared behind ? get this ? Cliff Richard on his ITV1 'An Audience With' special as well as providing backing vocals for the likes of KD Lang, Michael Crawford and Robbie Williams. And she made her West End theatrical debut with the show Miss Saigon.

Next up was her biggest chance at fame, but nobody can say she followed the crowd ? Popstars was the first musical reality show of its kind and, after completing the usual auditions, knock-out stages and enduring annoyingly bad contestants, Myleene was picked to become a member of Hear'Say. The band were, in all honesty, absolutely massive. If we played you their first single, Pure and Simple, we bet it wouldn't take you long to start singing along and holding your lighter high in the air, admit it.

After scoring what was at the time the biggest selling UK single ever, the band went on to appear around the world, promote their album and generally be screamed at by kids, women, some gay men and the odd animal everywhere they went. But, as we were to discover with most of these reality dreams, it wasn't to last. When Hear'Say split, Myleene didn't hang around to flip burgers. No, no. She decided it'd be nice to sign a five-album deal with Universal records. Not for lightweight pop rubbish, though. This was 'proper' classical music.

As well as the music, Myleene has gone on to present CDUK (which ended up being axed, oops), The All Star Talent Show (we don't remember it either) and had a short stint presenting BBC's The One Show, but decided to leave when she had her baby. We mainly see Myleene on billboards or TV running around on a beach or hiding behind a tree. This isn't a new fly-on-the-wall show. No, it's Myleene advertising the lovely range of M&S clothing. For ladies.

Did you know?

Myleene currently presents on Classic FM.

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