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Matt Willis - Biography

Matt Willis
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Personal details

Name: Matt Willis
Born: 8/05/1983 (Age: 31)
From: London, UK
Famous for: He was Busted.
Relationship status: Married

All about this star

In a nutshell

Matt, despite his rebel status, attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School where some of our favourite people ever went. Like Denise Van Outen. But we've heard that he made good friends there with Amy Winehouse, Billie Piper and Lee Ryan (?!). And it may very well have been there where he honed his musical talents.

Matt was one third of 'Busted', a band who could be described as an Indie/Rock/Pop combination who were popular with girls up and down the land as they sang about the year 3000 and What they went to school for etc etc.

Matt has done the rockstar thing and spent some time in rehab because of problems with drugs and alcohol.

Matt has recently married his long-term partner, Emma Griffiths and they were in OK! Magazine doing all the photo stuff.

Back in reality, Matt spent a bit of time after the break from Busted by pursuing a career in television presenting but, unfortunately for him and hilariously for us, he wasn't all that great. We spotted him on ITV2's coverage of the Brit awards, as well as some Down Under stuff for 'I'm A Celebrity.' Speaking of which...

...Matt had once claimed that he'd never do reality TV but obviously had a little bit of memory loss when he signed on the dotted line to take part in the 2006 series of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!'. He was viewed as a bit of an underdog against fellow contestants Jason Donovan and Myleene Klass, but went on to be crowned winner of the series.

Did you know?

'Busted' were known as 'Bust' in some European countries, including the Netherlands. Even we giggled a little when we found this one out.

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