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Kevin McCloud - Biography

TalkTalk have created this exclusive celebrity biography of Kevin McCloud - we believe it to be the most comprehensive on the web.

Kevin McCloud

Personal details

Name: Kevin McCloud
Born: 8/05/1958 (Age: 57)
From: Bedfordshire, UK
Famous for: He loves big, fancy houses
Relationship status: Married

All about this star

In a nutshell

If you ever want to find the lovely Kevin, he lives in Somerset with his wife and four children. Presumably in some huge, energy-conscious mansion with glass walls and toilet lids that don't slam shut. Just like Grand Designs, eh?

We can see where he got his passion for self-built houses from ? he was brought up, along with his two brothers, in a house which his parents built themselves. So Kevin decided to study History of Art and Architecture at Cambridge University before going on to work as a theatre designer. He was obviously pretty good at what he did because his little company employed over 20 people.

Off to London, Mr Tourist? Take a look at the ceiling in the Food Halls of posh department store Harrods to see some of his work. Or failing that, check into another posh place, the Dorchester Hotel, so see one of his light installations.

Kevin's work became more recognised and well-known which resulted in his being asked to appear as a guest presenter on BBC Two's Homefront programme. From there, Channel 4 saw a good thing and he ended up being the man behind Grand Designs, the show which sees Kevin donning a hardhat and entering year-long building sites when people with a lot of money decide they'd like to live somewhere a bit nicer.

Grand Designs has been a massive success and made Kevin far more of a celebrity than anybody could have imagined... They've expanded the format into a live version which was broadcast for a week from London's Docklands to a magazine and huge home event.

As with a lot of our celebs, Kevin's appeared on Top Gear as a star in a reasonably priced car. He managed to land second on the leaderboard at the time, but who knows who'll have managed to knock him off by now...

Did you know?

One of Kevin's favourite things is a designer toilet brush.

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