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Justin Lee Collins - Biography

Justin Lee Collins
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Personal details

Name: Justin Lee Collins
Born: 28/07/1974 (Age: 40)
From: Bristol, UK
Famous for: He should be married to Alan Carr
Relationship status: Married

All about this star

In a nutshell

We love a bit of JLC. He often appears on the Chris Moyles show, singing his heart out to Tom Jones classics ? and what a wake up call that is!

Justin's qualification is a BTEC (something not quite as good as an A-Level, we think) in performing arts. He started as a stand-up comic at the Glastonbury Festival, winning their New Comedy Competition back in 1997.

By 2002 Justin was featured on a number of random television programmes for channels like Bravo and MTV but it wasn't until it switched across to mainstream channels that he became better known. He presented Strictly Come Dancing on Three, the spin-off show, which was replaced the next year by It Takes Two, presented by Claudia Winkleman.

Our favourite show at the moment is most definitely The Sunday Night Project (which, funnily enough, was called The Friday Night Project when it used to be shown on a Friday) which Justin presents with Alan Carr. Justin has also been at the helm for a number of shows aiming to bring back together the stars of old TV shows. None of them really do the business but they're pretty funny to watch anyway.

Although he'll always seem more at home on Channel 4, Justin's new chat show launched on ITV2 in March 2009.

Justin continues to live in Bristol despite all of the London-based work he does and lives there with his wife and children.

Did you know?

Justin's most famous catchphrase is 'GOOD TIMES!'. Usually followed pretty closely by 'BAD TIMES!!'.

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