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John Nettles - Biography

TalkTalk have created this exclusive celebrity biography of John Nettles - we believe it to be the most comprehensive on the web.

John Nettles

Personal details

Name: John Nettles
Born: 11/10/1943 (Age: 71)
From: Cornwall, UK
Famous for: He's Bergerac, innit!
Relationship status: Married

All about this star

In a nutshell

We're slightly scared of John Nettles. We're sure he's lovely but when we were young there was one particular episode of Bergerac which freaked us out and we've never been the same since. Sorry, John.

Adopted by his parents Eric and Elsie, John only found out about his birth mother when he was young, and also discovered that he has a brother and two sisters.

John is somewhat of an acting veteran these days, having starred in numerous shows and stage productions. The Liver Birds, Enemy at the Door and Robin of Sherwood are just a few of the titles you might be familiar with.

Bergerac is of course John's most famous role. The crime drama made him a household name up and down the country when it started in 1981. Set in Jersey, the show tallied up an impressive 87 episodes (last time we counted, anyway) before it finished in 1991.

John doesn't just do TV. No, no. He's worked five seasons with the Royal Shakespeare Company where he graced the stage in productions of The Winter's Tale, Julius Caesar, Richard III and The Devil is an Ass.

John first married in 1966, having a daughter named Emma in 1970. He divorced in 1979.

Did you know?

Remember 'Airport', the show which brought us Jeremy the-guy-who-worked-for-the-Russian-airline? John provided the soothing voiceover.

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