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Holly Willoughby - Biography

TalkTalk have created this exclusive celebrity biography of Holly Willoughby - we believe it to be the most comprehensive on the web.

Holly Willoughby

Personal details

Name: Holly Willoughby
Born: 10/02/1981 (Age: 34)
From: Brighton, UK
Famous for: Having the Xtra Factor
Relationship status: Married

All about this star

In a nutshell

Holly, born in Brighton, is pretty much a permanent fixture on the TV these days. If she's not on Ice with the Silver Fox, she's huddling around really bad singers on Xtra Factor.

Holly was seen at Clothes Show Live in Birmingham back in 1995 and was snapped up by the Storm modelling company. Although not a 'fashion' model, Holly was used regularly in magazines like Just Seventeen and more! as well as in adverts for the Pretty Polly underwear line.

Her first TV role was thanks to an audition for a show based around the band S Club 7... yes, remember them? Although not enough to make her a well-known name, Holly was bitten by the TV bug and her showreel soon found itself winging its way to the BBC. They signed her up to present a few CBBC shows including Xchange and CBBC at the Fame Academy.

No children's TV presenter can ever really, really feel fulfilled unless they present a Saturday morning TV show. And that's exactly what Holly managed to do, albeit on not a very good one. Launched in 2004, Ministry of Mayhem was ITV's Saturday morning show and Holly presented alongside Stephen Mulhurn. The show changed names in 2006 to Holly & Stephen's Saturday Showdown for no discernable reason and to this day we swear we still don't have a clue why.

Holly presented CDUK for a short while after Cat Deeley left but the full-time gig on the relaunched show went to Myleen Klass.

At the moment Holly is busier than ever ? she's presenting This Morning and Dancing on Ice, both alongside Philip Schofield. She's also the presenter of The X Factor's spin-off show, The Xtra Factor on ITV.

Holly met her husband Dan on Saturday morning TV where he worked as a producer, and they've since had a son, named Harry.

Did you know?

We didn't see it ourselves, so it may not be true, but apparently Holly accidentally flashed a breast while doing a 'dance routine' on Ministry of Mayhem. Any Dads out there have an old VHS you can dust down?

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