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Gok Wan - Biography

Gok Wan
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Personal details

Name: Gok Wan
Born: 9/10/1974 (Age: 40)
From: Leicester, UK
Famous for: He's been making women feel and look better naked.
Relationship status: Single

All about this star

In a nutshell

Gok has really taken the nation in a headlock (without messing anybody's hair in the process, of course) with his mix of style advice and, lets be honest, making plump women take off their clothes.

Gok was born in Leicester, and his father came to the UK from Hong Kong when he was a teenager. Which is just as well, as otherwise we might not be sitting at home right now watching Gok embarrass Dannii Minogue with bad fashion photos from her past. Phewee.

After working for a while doing hair and make-up, he managed to wangle his way in with some big celeb names and this led into several bits of TV work on GMTV, MTV, Big Brother's Little Brother and The Xtra Factor.

The biggest break happened when Gok landed his own Channel 4 show, How To Look Good Naked.

He made lots of women strip off, stand in the middle of shopping centres and be jeered at by lots of hungry shoppers. Now if that doesn't give you confidence we don't know what will!

He's now planning a new TV show with Myleene Klass and another series of his 'Gok's Fashion Fix' magazine show.

Did you know?

Gok has called his teenage years 'really fat' as he weighed in at a staggering 21 stone.

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