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Service rates

We’re always improving our service, and to do that from time to time we have to put our prices up a little.

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Rates up to 11th November 2013 Rates from 18th November 2013
Services G1 Rate6.13p2.55p2.55p7.133.553.55
Services G2 Rate5.05p2.54p2.04p6.053.543.04
Services G3 Rate4.03p1.52p1.02p5.032.522.02
Services G4 Rate2.6p1.5p1.5p3.62.52.5
Services G5 Rate1.02p0.61p0.51p2.021.611.51
Services G6 Rate6.62p6.62p6.62p7.627.627.62
Services G7 Rate13.16p13.16p13.16p14.1614.1614.16
Services G8 Rate2.14p2.14p2.14p3.143.143.14
Services G9 Rate3.29p3.29p3.29p4.294.294.29
Services G10 Rate5p5p5p666
Services G11 Rate6.64p6.64p6.64p7.647.647.64
Services G12 Rate8.28p8.28p8.28p9.289.289.28
Services G13 Rate9.87p9.87p9.87p10.8710.8710.87
Services G14 Rate10.65p10.65p10.65p11.6511.6511.65
Services G15 Rate11.76p11.76p11.76p12.7612.7612.76
Services G16 Rate3.4p2p2p4.433
Services G17 Rate4.54p2.5p2.5p5.543.53.5
Services G18 Rate4.07p1.61p1.61p5.072.612.61
Services G19 Rate4.45p2.29p1.42p5.453.292.42
Services G20 Rate7.07p3p2.5p8.0743.5
Services G22 Rate1.57p1.57p1.57p2.572.572.57
Services G23 Rate8.08p4.03p1.52p9.085.032.52
Services G24 Rate5.38p5.38p5.38p6.386.386.38
Services G25 Rate11.03p11.03p11.03p12.0312.0312.03
Services G26 Rate4.09p3.07p1.02p5.094.072.02
Services G27 Rate3p3p3p444
Services G28 Rate3.99p3.99p3.99p4.994.994.99
DQ 11811150p connection + 85p per minute1.00 connection + 1.00 per minute