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Our latest update for customers

From the time we became aware of the cyber attack on our website we’ve made it our priority to keep you fully up to date.

And as a thank-you for standing by us in difficult times we’ve offered each of you a free upgrade so you can get even more from your TalkTalk package. If you haven’t yet claimed yours, click here.

The increase in cyber crime is something we all have to face, so please read on for ways to stay safe online and over the phone.

Protect yourself: what you can do

Protect Yourself: What You Can Do

We have strict rules about what information we do and do not ask for over the phone, by text or by email. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from TalkTalk and they don’t follow these rules, you should inform the police.

  • TalkTalk will NEVER call you and use an account number to identify you, or to prove that the call is genuine
  • TalkTalk will NEVER call you, or send you texts/links over email, asking you to provide bank details unless we have had specific permission from you to do so (for example, so you can pay your bill)
  • We will NEVER call you or send you texts/links over email, asking to ‘remote connect’ to your computer, unless we have had a specific request from you to do so
  • TalkTalk will NEVER call you, or send you texts/links over email, asking you to download software onto your PC, unless you have previously contacted us, discussed and agreed a call back for this to take place
  • TalkTalk will NEVER call you, or send you texts/links over email, asking you to provide your full password. We’ll only ever ask for two digits from it to protect your security

Staying safe against scam calls

Call 0800 083 2710 to report suspicious calls from anyone you believe is pretending to be from TalkTalk. We will block anyone we suspect to have criminal intent from calling any other customers on our network.

Double check phone numbers when calling TalkTalk or any other company. Make sure the number you have came from a trusted source, such as an official website, or your latest bill or statement. If you receive a call that feels suspicious, hang up and call back on the official number. Phone a friend of other trusted number first though, to make sure the previous caller really has hung up.

Tell the police. Scams are a criminal offence, so if you think you’ve been a victim you should contact the police. You can also contact Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre, which can be reached on 0300 123 2040 or via their website.

Set up our free calling and privacy features. They offer caller display so you can see who is calling you, voicemail so you can let unknown callers leave a message, last caller barring and anonymous caller reject so you can block withheld numbers.

Watch out for scam emails

Criminals may try to get hold of your bank and security information by sending emails pretending to be from trusted companies.

Here are some things to look out for if you suspect an email might be from a scammer trying to steal your information:

  • Does the sender’s internet address look correct? Phishers frequently use addresses that look like a proper address, but have extra words and letters, for example
  • Are there spelling mistakes or does it seem poorly written?
  • Are you being asked to give your account or personal details? Remember, TalkTalk will NEVER ask for your billing details by email.

A year's free Credit Monitoring alerts

It’s always a smart move to check your credit report for any suspicious activity, such as loans or credit cards being taken out in your name.

We’ve partnered with Noddle, one of the leading credit reference agencies, to give you 12 months’ credit monitoring alerts. That means you’ll be told if anyone tries to take out a loan credit agreement in your name so you can act fast to stop any fraudulent action.

We would also recommend that you keep an eye on your accounts and statements over the next few months. If you see anything unusual, contact your bank and Action Fraud straight away on 0300 123 2040 or via their website.

Your safety is our priority


TalkTalk customers have access to HomeSafe free of charge, which alerts you of sites known to contain viruses and malware at network level, so they don’t reach any of your devices.

Over the phone

TalkTalk is the only provider that takes steps to identify and block many of the numbers used for malicious and nuisance calls (including phone scams) for free. Over the last year we've blocked over 340 million calls across our network (that's 80 for every customer).

Contact us

If you’ve still got any questions, call us on dedicated hotline, 0800 0832710.

Alternatively you can chat to us online.